Christian Gaillard

Francuz koji slika španske toreadore, i to portrete najvećih matadora našeg vremena.
Kako sam kaže, fasciniran je elegantnom figurom toreadora, njihovom samoćom i kontrolom straha pred borbu. Koncentriše se na hiper-realistično slikanje njihovih raskošnih kostima.

He is a Frenchman who paints the Spanish bullfighters, portraits of the greatest matadors of our time.
As he said, he is fascinated by the elegant figure of a bullfighter, their loneliness and fear control before the fight. He concentrates on the hyper-realistic paintings of their gorgeous costumes.

Javier Solis - La Luna Y El Toro

Weight loss

90's, childhood and the first love

Tonight, only a few pics that remind me on a early girlhood, first love, some strange nervousness, and sweet years that are now a way back in history...

                                      Paula Abdul - Rush Rush

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